Being a car owner is great, fixing one isn’t. It’s an arduous and confusing process that continues to worry people thanks to opaque supply chains and a few bad apples that overcharge and under deliver.

Fortunately, is changing that by putting the needs of its customers first. With a simple and convenient online marketplace they have transformed the way drivers shop for parts in today’s digital world. It’s smarter, quicker, and hassle-free.

We partnered on a full brand refresh, helping them to better reflect their people-first approach to car maintenance.

> Brand strategy
> Visual Identity
> Verbal identity
> Messaging

One team
Brand core idea

The company vision for is to build a community of drivers that can rely on them for all of their vehicle fixes and upgrades. But what does it look like to be part of a community? How does it feel knowing someone has your back? Well, like being part of a team of course.

Every team needs a badge, and is no exception. At the centre of the identity is the CP monogram, embodying not only the automotive industry but also the partnerships and relationships they build with their fans customers. 

From here we took inspiration from the world of sports branding. Every team needs its kit colours, so the palette is deliberately minimal: white, blue, orange. We also created a suite of supergraphics & patterns. Quickly identifiable as, they represent the journeys customers make whilst bringing energy to communications.

Photography now works harder to tell the stories of our customers. Of course the brand needs to show off the parts they sell but far more importantly we needed to show that no matter who you are, what you drive, or where you’re going, is here for you.

The new Team CP identity is nothing like any other car parts brand in the US. Thanks to a collaborative process, made all the better thanks to a forward looking client, the new identity is a modern, engaging brand experience across all channels and one that customers can now be proud to rally behind.

From the very start the Poppins team developed a great partnership with us and felt like an extension of our business. The team guided us through the process, heard all our feedback and pushed us to create what is now an industry leading brand. Their delivery, attention to detail and client interaction was truly exceptional

Houman Akhavan, CMO

With thanks to Houman, Sasha and the whole team for their enthusiasm and collaborative spirit. Go team!