Self care requires practice, and in our fast paced world it can be hard to find the time needed to stay committed . But that’s where Sensate comes in; a young start up with the mission to make stress management easier for everyone.

We partnered with Sensate on a full brand refresh and website, helping to build an identity and digital experience that would support their ambitious vision.

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Sensate is a tech device that effectively relieves stress without the need for years of meditation practice. Using a form of sound vibrations to penetrate the body it passively strengthens the vagus nerve, the pathway responsible for the mind-body connection. 

The trouble was, their previous identity focussed heavily on the science. Understandably for a young, exciting startup the product took centre stage, but the brand communicated very little about how the experience made you feel. 


Build resonance
Brand core idea

Working closely with the Sensate founders (and inventor) we began to balance the tech and science with the physical and emotional experience, discovering that being calm is more than just feeling relieved of stress. In fact, it is a harmony of many different emotional and physical qualities. Being calm actually has latent energy. It has resonance.

With resonance as the brand’s core idea we created a visual language that interprets both the tactile resonance of the device, as well as the emotional resonance of its users. Textures, patterns, type, and colour are all used to create a world that ripples and flows, allowing applications to adapt to messaging and ‘moods’. 

As part of the refresh we also interpreted the brand across a new responsive e-commerce website. Using Shopify, it allowed Sensate to move away from their Indiegogo profile and sell their product internationally. This included setting up the store for multi currency, with location-detection for users, as well as all the necessary analytics and MarTech integrations to support the Marketing and Sales funnel. 

The result is an identity that not only reflects the brand's purpose but is also adaptable and considered in the way it can communicate to its different audiences. 

True experts of their craft, the Poppins team bring tremendous dedication, exceptional creativity and are true partners when working with us to transform our brand, website and marketing. Having worked with many agencies, I particularly value the combination of excellent talent and expertise with a truly good culture and good working relationship. We continue to work with Poppins and we enjoy a steady stream of smart thinking and beautiful work which has resulted in real growth for our business.

Anna Gudmundson, CEO

Special thanks to Stefan, Anna, Michelle and Miranda for their calming influence and making this project possible.