The Porsche 911 has a history that shouldn’t be forgotten. Originally built as a rally car, they were designed with a purpose: to be driven, hard. 

This is where Tuthill Porsche comes in. With a history in classic rallying and authentic restorations, to them, the 911 is more than just a car. It embodies a rich heritage, a passion bordering on obsession and experiences that are unforgettable — all of which they bring to life. 

We partnered with Tuthill Porsche on a brand & website refresh, helping to elevate their global reputation for restoring, racing and rallying these iconic cars.

> Brand strategy
> Visual identity
> Verbal identity
> Website

The genius of the Porsche 911 is defined by its endurance. In production for almost 60 years, no other sports car has created more memories. Tuthill Porsche keeps that legacy alive by staying true to the original 911 vision. Whether you’re into driving on ice, racing through the desert, or owning the perfect Porsche for your everyday ride, they make it happen.

The Porsche wordmark is one of the most iconic in the world of motorsport. So it only felt right to create a logo for Tuthill Porsche that was distinct yet paid homage to Porsche’s heritage. With the logo playing a significant role across car liveries it needed to be simple, iconic and recognisably Tuthill Porsche. 

Roads and trails, they’re what the 911 was built for. Whether it’s cruising the North Coast 500 or etching a route through the topography of Africa, when you’re driving a Tuthill Porsche, it’s all about the journey.

And so, we put those journeys at the heart of the identity, creating a suite of supergraphics based on some of the most iconic race tracks, rally courses and roads in the world. Who knew that the Stelvio Pass in Italy has a 4.6 star rating and over 2,500 Google reviews?!

Being the first port of call and primary touchpoint for customers, the website was redesigned from the ground up to be a living expression of the brand. 

With a simplified user experience, short emotive copy and a wealth of imagery we put the customer first, focussing on what they really want: an experience.

The Tuthill Porsche identity is purposefully bold, simple and sophisticated. Imagery is now more than just how the car looks, but also how it feels to drive. A focused colour palette also enables the brand to feel premium and build brand equity. In fact, the new ‘911 red’ has been called that with good reason... 

The process Poppins has taken us through is more than I could have ever imagined was required, however the results are extraordinary and we have received worldwide praise for what has been achieved.

They are a brilliant team and it was a genuine pleasure every time we met. I can’t recommend them highly enough and will continue to sing their praises to anyone who will listen.

Richard Tuthill, CEO

Special thanks to Richard, Gio, David and the whole Tuthill Porsche team who were incredible client partners and unsurprisingly bent over backwards to make it happen.