Car Collector

The ultimate global car database and platform. Made by collectors, for collectors.


Car Collector is the home of some of the rarest cars on the planet. The app, brought to you from the team behind The Supercar Owners Circle, is designed to help manage car collections, facilitate sales and provide the most comprehensive (and enviable) car database out there. We worked in close collaboration with Car Collector from day one. Creating the brand identity, designing the product itself and building their platform from the ground up.


  • Visual identity
  • UX/UI design
  • React Native app
  • Sales platform


Designed with both enthusiasts and collectors in mind, all features and content are tiered to user needs. For example, Discover is open to all users, allowing anyone to browse the extensive database of cars. Whereas subscription customers have access to My Collection where they can log their cars; including storing photos, documents and assigning a collection manager. The select few who own top-tier cars have access to the Marketplace where they can buy and sell the rarest cars in the world.


We worked closely with Car Collector’s technical leadership to build a digital ecosystem from the ground up. The platform was created with ReactJS, with a React Native app, and a custom backend developed with the NestJS framework. This ensures longevity and an extensible codebase, with support for critical DevOps pipelines and continual refinement of the extensive database. The result was a performant, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure that delivers on the standards needed for car collection management.


The custom developed back-end portal for the Car Collector sales and management team provides all the tools required to curate the growing list of vehicles available to the users building their collections. The portal also facilitates all marketplace requests and transactions, including high-value off-market sales of the rarest vehicles.


A key philosophy in building out the infrastructure was Value Engineering: ensuring we were being as agile and efficient as possible. This included identifying key user journeys that would be better served using third party integrations. This streamlining allowed us to focus on refining and optimising the core USPs of the platform, creating something both reliable and scalable.


Car Collector handle incredibly sensitive information, and so needed an identity that not only reflected collectors’ passion, but also offered them reliable knowledge while proving Car Collector to be peerless in the space. Both their brand identity and their tone of voice were crafted to reflect their balance between proactive, innovation-led tech and the elegant poise of an unparalleled, premium platform.

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