Il Gattopardo

As elegant as the leopard, as playful as the cub.


Inspired by the freedom, indulgence and style of 1960s Italy, the brand identity for Il Gattopardo needed to elevate the restaurant concept while staying authentic. The first restaurant in the D.ream Group portfolio both conceived and created by themselves, the restaurant offers Italian-inspired fine dining in a warm and personal atmosphere. To embody the concept’s combination of sophistication and playfulness via 60s Italy, we leaned into the eponymous leopard itself. Illustration and animation are coupled with traditional Italian influences in terrazzo leopard spots, architectural type forms, and a rich sensual palette. Inside, the brand comes to life in beautiful and thoughtful ways at every touchpoint; from tableware to wallpaper, from ice cubes to citrus rinds. All of which culminates to demonstrate the elegance and character of Mayfair's latest addition.


  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Digital design
  • Website production
  • Brand collateral


The Il Gattopardo concept was inspired by its namesake film and the equally classic, La Dolce Vita. Both films set in similar surroundings, the restaurant needed to reflect the same indulgence and freedom of 1960s Italy. This was therefore the starting point of our research, and the team immersed themselves in the visual and cultural landscape of the time.


With the purpose of providing practical information and driving interest, the site needed to be as engaging as it was functional, while representing the restaurant’s spirit. Our developers incorporated moments of surprise and playful interactions including horizontal scrolling, subtle hover states and beautiful animations of the leopard itself following you across the site.


When it came to the leopard, we sketched experiments in both personality and style; from energetic to sophisticated and intimate to innovative. Eventually we struck on an illustration style that combines sharp angles with smooth, elegant curves to create a powerful and poised creature that still carried a certain flair and sense of play. The markings of leopard are also inspired by traditional Italian terrazzo stonework.

Left Image
Left Image
Left Image


Inspired by the Italian landscape, we developed a flexible colour palette without any single primary shade. This allowed for the simultaneous luxury of rich, darker earth hues and the energy of brighter ones.

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