Finding value for consumers and businesses alike. Meet iPower, a 
brand that cares.


iPower believe that everyone deserves the best solution at an affordable price. They are committed to making consumers’ lives easier through smart day-to-day products on the one hand, and to igniting growth in businesses through proven, data-driven solutions on the other. Because at the end of the day, being helpful makes them happy. Something we couldn’t wait to bring to life across the brand identity.


  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Digital design
  • Website production


iPower’s positioning is underpinned by three core values. These are so key to how they operate that they asked we incorporate them into their landing page web design. Intelligence. A belief that data and process can enable people to live easier, every day. Integrity. An understanding of good, honest business that helps customers feel assured. Impress. A commitment to delighting their customers through little surprises.


The iPower logo is made from three simple primary shapes. Each represents a key area of the business; a circle for consumer products, a grounding square for business services and a ‘smile’ for their commitment to customer satisfaction. When brought together, they create a moment of surprise by forming both an 'iP' mark and a universal symbol of happiness.


Building out from the logo shapes, we created a wider language for all the product and services lines within iPower’s offer. Each shape is inspired by the items in its category and doubles up as the badge for the sub-logos. This selection of secondary shapes gives us greater flexibility when communicating their diverse range of products and services. It also allows us form patterns and to interact with imagery, giving it a layer of brand.

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Left Image

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