Taking Jetcraft beyond the globe.


Jetcraft are global leaders in aircraft sales, acquisitions and trading. They are advisors and brokers, who have been facilitating private aircraft transactions for over 60 years. Having established a presence all over the physical world, they took the bold step of entering the digital world through an innovative metaverse activation. We supported them to deliver the campaign and bring the concept to life.


  • 3D artwork
  • Animation
  • Video production
  • Immersive digital experience
  • Digital installation


Having already developed a metaverse activation, Jetcraft were ready to bring it to life for their audience across multiple touchpoints. The activation allows users of the metaverse platform Decentraland, to enter their ‘virtual lounge’ and learn about the company, before being transported into their ‘digital hangar’ where they can explore 3D replicas of four of their private jets. We were tasked with building out the Beyond the Globe campaign, culminating in the launch video below.

Left Image


Alongside rollout of the campaign, there was also a need to repurpose Jetcraft’s promotional stand at Nice Cote d'Azur private airport; this presented an opportunity to bring the digital hangar to new audiences through an exciting physical/digital format. We designed a new stand to feature an LED backdrop, with a second touchscreen control panel, all beautifully branded to showcase Jetcraft’s slick identity. 

While the LED rotates between ambient promotional messaging over a backdrop of clouds, a motion sensor is triggered as people pass by, initiating a sequence of animations to draw the user in. The clouds part, a jet flies by, and they are transported down to earth and inside the digital hangar. Once inside, the user can navigate the digital hangar using the second touchscreen to explore the jets.

Left Image
Left Image
Left Image


In addition to the promotional video and the Nice FBO stand, we built out a series of campaign content that built the story around the experience. Our creative team crafted the motion triggered animation sequence on the stand, the control panel interface, and the campaign landing page on the Jetcraft website, as well as continuing to build on Jetcraft’s brand toolkit for future projects we embark on together.

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