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Heralding the introduction of the Bombardier Global 7500, the world’s largest and longest range business jet, VistaJet asked us to help them with the launch of this, the newest member of their 360+ fleet of jets. We knew this exquisite aircraft and unparalleled cabin experience deserved nothing less than a world class immersive experience.


  • 3D artwork
  • Animation
  • Immersive digital experience
  • Campaign microsite

The New Dawn

The 7500 is, quite literally, a breakthrough for the private aviation industry. With this as our starting point, we came up with the core concept of ‘a new dawn’. This allowed us to craft both a visual and verbal language taking cues from the beauty and opportunity of a new day beginning. The tone is warm and aspirational, capturing the magic and anticipation of the launch of the new aircraft.


The sweet spot for executing the brief was creating an immersive 3D experience, digitally recreating how it feels to witnessing this feat of engineering and luxury for the first time. Firstly, we took the standard Bombardier model of the plane and optimised it for a streamlined mobile experience, working up the exterior to align with the beauty of the VistaJet branding. Image sequenced animations seamlessly move users through the cabins, where we had meticulously crafted every detail of the interior to reflect the mood lighting, textures and VIP finishing touches of the private jet experience.

A story in two acts

It was important to spotlight all facets of this incredible aircraft, and to achieve this we divided the story into two acts. Firstly we showcased the size, scale, and technical achievement of the jet while showing the 3D exterior. Then, we brought the user inside to experience the cabin and all of its luxurious features. Within each act we made room for ‘mini experiences’ to showcase the range of the aircraft, and some of the services that VistaJet uniquely offers passengers and their members.

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