Manx Game

A brand experience unlike any other for the iconic Meyers Manx. This is where the fun begins.


The electric Manx 2.0 embodies the legendary carefree spirit of the first Meyers Manx, while looking ahead to the future. We captured this essence through modernised mid-century design cues and a tone with fun at its core; creating an updated brand and playful digital experiences, including an original Meyers Manx mobile game. All with moments of surprise, interaction and joy throughout. Because just like sand, the Manx charisma gets absolutely everywhere and is pretty hard to shake.


  • 3D artwork
  • Animation
  • Mobile game
  • iOS & Android

The Game

Inspired by arcade classics (but with a touch more realism), Meyers Manx Electric Odyssey allows players to dodge obstacles while collecting coins and tokens across three different levels - an LA beach environment, a rugged desert and the bright lights of Las Vegas - in exchange for real-world discount codes in the Meyers Manx online store. Built in Unity, the game is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store now.

The Journey

Inspired by the Manx’s racing history through to its reputation today, we charted a course from a picturesque beach environment, across a rugged desert, to the bright lights of Las Vegas, just as the sun sets. We also couldn’t help hiding Meyers Manx billboards, surfboards and recreating classic Las Vegas signage throughout each of the levels as we went.


The three environments were built from the ground up, piece by piece. Every obstacle and element was artworked specifically for the game. The Vegas level needed the most iteration, as we had to capture the feeling of such a well known place, while working within the constraints of a classic arcade style game. The team watched countless POV footage of cars cruising the famous strip, and hand crafted a number of notable attractions to get it just right.

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