A venture capital firm supporting a future that puts people first.


Venture capital is all too often blinded by fairytale numbers and mythical horses. Luckily Trousdale see venture capital as a tangible, vested interest in our future. By working closely with like-minded changemakers, they cut through the hype and champion those committed to making our world a better place. We partnered on a full rebrand and website overhaul, astutely focussed on elevating a core Trousdale philosophy; that when you bring good people together with strong ideas and smart investment, you get bi returns and positive karma.


  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Bespoke typeface
  • Tone of voice
  • Digital design
  • Website production
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Despite using cutting edge technology and data analytics, Trousdale believe that investment is still a personal craft.  Through in-depth work on their strategy, we created a positioning that reflects their relationships with their partners, brands, and their belief in a positive future for humanity.

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Trousdale Partner was created to support a content-rich, editorially-led identity. And for that reason, it is deeply ingrained in the brand’s expression, designed to reflect their people-first approach.  Working hard to tell the Trousdale story when other brand assets are absent, the characters allude to the flow, momentum and connection found in handwriting whilst maintaining a confident and contemporary feel. Trousdale Partner was also delivered with OpenType coded alternative characters and ligatures. This tool allowed us to emphasise the relationship between Trousdale and their partners throughout messaging.

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